A workshop on:

•quasistatic and dynamic fracture and damage evolution

•recent progress in modeling plasticity coupled with further physical processes

•analytical and numerical tools for nonlinear and nonsmooth systems of evolutionary PDEs or variational inequalities

Main speakers:

G. Dal Maso (SISSA, Trieste),

G. Del Piero (Univ. Ferrara)

G.A. Francfort (Univ. Paris Nord),

A. Pandolfi (Politecnico di Milano)


Evolution problems in damage, plasticity, and fracture:


          mathematical models and numerical analysis


Dorothee Knees (WIAS, Berlin)

Rodica Toader (Univ. Udine)



WIAS Berlin

DIMI Univ. Udine

PRIN Variational problems...

ERC grant QuaDynEvoPro

Udine                               September 19-21, 2012

Courtesy of A. Schroeder, HU Berlin

Photographer: Loris Menegon – ARES Area relazioni esterne Università degli Studi di Udine